Netbook-friendly Games

This is a simple compilation of games that I’ve been able to get to run on my ASUS EEE 1001PX netbook. The distinguishing feature of netbooks in this regard is not their miniscule size, but their ridiculously weak hardware.  CPUs in the realm of 1-1,5 Ghz – which, even dual-cored, isn’t much in 2011 – 1 or 2 GBs of RAM, and a chipset integrated pseudo-GPU that really doesn’t make much of a difference performance-wise. Listed by blog post, genre and original year of release specified.

Baldur’s Gate (RPG, 1998)
Baldur’s Gate 2 (RPG, 2000)
Diablo (aRPG, 1996)
Diablo 2 (aRPG, 2000)
Fallout (RPG, 1997)
Fallout 2 (RPG, 1998)
Heroes of Might & Magic 2 (TBS, 1996)
Heroes of Might & Magic 3 (TBS, 1999 – takk til Odesseiron for de to foregående)
Icewind Dale (RPG)
Icewind Dale 2 (RPG)
Mount & Blade: Warband (Open World/RPG/Kampsimulator, 2010)
Planescape: Torment (RPG, 1999)
Revenant (aRPG, 1999)
The Operative: No One Lives Forever (1) (FPS, 2001)

AI War: Fleet Command (4X/RTS, 2009)
Deus Ex (RPG/FPS, 2001)
Eufloria (RTS, 2009)
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (RPG, 2002)
VVVVVV (Platformer, 2010)
World of Goo (Puzzle, 2008)


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