War: Now changed

Reader beware: This is not a month-early, very elaboate April fools’ practical joke. It’s the actual forthcoming expansion to Magicka.

I have no words. This is just too brilliant.

Magicka is, for the record, one of the few genuinely innovative titles to rise from the primordial sludge of ever-growing AAA franchises and stagnant creativity of the past five years. It comes with things that used to be staples, like emergent gameplay, humour that works, not taking itself very seriously, and so on. All for a measly ten €/$/£ on Steam. Disregard the “oh noes sub-80” metascore (which serve only to illustrate how exceedingly inept 95% of the gaming press is, and how irrevocably flawed score aggregators are) and just play the game – it’s really that good.

Actual promotional art. Basic knowledge of shooty type games required to understand why it's hilarious.

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